Days Off

Since I’ve been a nurse, I’ve learned there are a different types of days off. I’ve also learned that each type is necessary and completely validated.

Type 1: The Recovery

After working my weekend (or any three 12s in a row, for that matter) I typically have this day first. I don’t set an alarm. I catch up on my favorite TV shows and YouTube vlogs. I have a no-makeup, messy hair, robe and fuzzy socks kind of day. Sometimes I eat in bed. Sometimes I make it to the couch. Sometimes I even take a nap. As long as I’ve spent time with my feet up and don’t use too much brain power, I’ll consider it a success.

Type 2: The Catch Up

While sometimes dreaded, this day is so important. For me, it usually follows The Recovery. Because the way I see it, first I have to catch up on sleep and self care, and then I’ll be in a better state to catch up on dishes, laundry, chores, etc. So as long as nothing is time sensitive, my to-do list is normally delayed until this day. I finally unload the my dishwasher and clear out my sink stacked with Tupperware from previous lunches. I wash my scrubs and compression socks. I take the trash out. If I’m really feeling motivated I’ll vacuum and Swifter the floors. And when all is done, I’ll light a candle. Feeling accomplished that my apartment is reset after a progressively messier stretch of days.

Type 3: The Day Out

Now, while this day can include social plans and actually going out out, my Day Out is usually more purposeful and low key. I’ll set an alarm, do my make up and hair, and get dressed in a non-scrub outfit. Most days I’ll have errands to run including grocery shopping, post office, bank, or just getting gas. But I usually am out of my apartment for the majority of the day. Sometimes I’ll bring my laptop and grab a coffee or take myself out for lunch. Sometimes I’ll wander the aisle of HomeGoods and brainstorm how to fill my blank walls. Just out and about in my town.

So there it is. Some days are a mixture. Sometimes the days are out of order. But I’ve learned the importance of each day and no longer feel guilty for “wasting a day”. Because if a day goes by where it’s suddenly 4pm and I haven’t gotten dressed yet or have fallen asleep twice watching Say Yes To The Dress… chances are it’s exactly what I needed. We need days off so we can function fully during our days on.

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