I had two weeks off of work in the beginning of November. A friend and I were originally going to explore Canada or the Pacific Northwest. But, like all best-set plans of 2020, everything was cancelled. Instead, it resulted in a #staycation at my parents house and breaking out my old sewing machine. Initially it was to make some curtains for their guest room, but then I did some Pinterest browsing, stumbled upon this scrub cap pattern, and decided to give it a go.

Not going to lie, the first one was a little tight and the ties were a little short, but with each cap that followed, the fit got better and better. Would definitely suggest pre-washing the fabric (yes that’s probably an obvious suggestion looking back) to avoid shrinkage, but hey, they still get the job done.

In need of joy and happiness and Christmas cheer I decided to pick up holiday fabrics at JoAnns. Even found some remnants for super cheap — since you only need about a yard and a half per cap!

I’ve found creative outlets to ease my mind in a way that calms my soul without the “wasting the day away” guilt that usually comes with bingeing hours of Netflix. One thing I’ve been doing on and off for about 3 years is bullet journalling. Provides me a good balance of structure & freedom to make it as minimal and functional or creative and expressive as I want.

A newer hobby I’ve taken on since Covid is embroidery kits from Amazon. Dozens of floral patterns with patterns and stitching instructions for under $15. Repetitive and involved enough to ease my mind and keep my hands busy while watching Great British Bake Off or listening to Ben Platt’s latest album.

Covid date nights have gotten creative! This has been our take on the Board & Brush/Corks & Canvas/Painting & Sip event. Picked up a pack of canvases & acrylic paints, scrolled Pinterest for ideas, and voila! Not too shabby after a few glasses of Pinot.

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