A Few of My Favorite Things

After our most recent stimulus check, I figured I’d throw together a list of my favorite things if you’re in the shopping mood!

Work Life

  • Uni-ball Signo RT 1 0.28 Pens: If you are a fan of fine pens and squeezing as much information as you can on your brain sheet, this is the pen for you. Smooth gliding and good grip. I have these in black and blue and use them solely for work. Would be a true tragedy to lose.
  • Smart Watch: Want an Apple Watch or Fitbit but don’t want to spend $400?! Look no further. This nifty little $35 watch has all the functions of a high-end smart watch. It has the capability to get social media/communication app notifications, count your steps, track workouts, and track sleep. It also tracks calories and heart rate, both at rest and with activity. I’ve found it especially useful at work because of it’s timer function. I bought this on a whim to see if I would like the smart watch life, and I have not been disappointed.
  • Dr Motion & Sockwell Compression Socks: I used to just wear regular knee-high socks to work, mostly out of warmth and comfort. However, my mom found these discounted compression socks one day and I’ve worn them ever since. Being on my feet for the better part of the day, I truly notice a difference in my ankle swelling and overall comfort throughout the day when I’m wearing compression socks. If you find them uncomfortable at first, you may need to give yourself time to get used to them. Otherwise they come in varying levels of compression, so you can decrease that as well.
  • Blue Sky Scrub Caps: Pre-covid I used to be a messy bun & headband kinda gal. But once covid hit I joined the scrub cap crew. While these are on the upper end of the price spectrum, I got my order in 3 days and they are such high quality. Not only do they come in dozens of cute patterns, but they have 3 different sizes/styles to fit multiple hair styles.
  • Nursemate Align Shoes: When I first started as a nurse I wore Grey’s Anatomy shoes and I liked the comfort and wipability of the exterior. I’ve never been a Dansko person as they felt too cloggy to me. So when my coworker suggested Nursemate Aligns for good arch support and breathability, I thought they were worth a try. Not to mention they are slip on and come in very cute colors. I’ve been wearing them for about 2 years now and my feet couldn’t be happier. Plus one of my patient’s complimented my “sexy shoes” one day, so that should be reason enough.
  • Spindrift: Not going to lie, Spindrift has become my only water intake when I work (and most days when I’m not). LaCroix and Bubly never did anything for me, so I was actually surprised to like Spindrift. Not sure if it’s the amount of carbonation or the flavors, but I am a FAN. Ranking my top 3 flavors I’d say 1. Pineapple, 2. Half Tea Half Lemonade, and 3. Cranberry Raspberry. If you were curious, Orange Mango is my least favorite.

Off Day

  • Gentle Steam Eye Mask: Catch me in the Ulta clearance section how bout that! I’ve got my fair share of random face masks, free samples, and trial products. Some I’m not totally convinced do anything miraculous to my skin other than just feel/smell nice. However, these heated eye masks are next level. I use them while listening to an end of the day mediation, but per other buyers in the comments they can be helpful in dealing with migraines or headaches. I took the advice from the comment section as well and purchased the unscented masks, as the lavender and citrus were noted to be quite fragrant. Nothing a little essential oil diffuser couldn’t fix!
  • Leggings: Love Lululemon but don’t want to fork out $100?! I have another high-end replacement product for ya. TSLA leggings are incredibly affordable for the high quality coverage and support they provide. Not see through, waistband doesn’t curl down, and some even have pockets! Comes in varying lengths and colors. True to size. I live in these when I’m not in scrubs.
  • Leave-In Conditioner: Back in “early covid times” when frontline workers were getting free meals, care packages, and discounts I received a Fab Fit Fun box. Two of those products have become a staple to my off day/end of day routine. This leave-in conditioner with argan oil and hemp not only detangles and leaves my hair smooth & shiny, it smells amazing. Plus Amazon has a great deal on a two pack!
  • Grown Alchemist Day Cream: This face cream was the other Fab Fit Fun box item. I’m not one to have much of a skincare routine, but this sure was the start of it for me. It’s a non-aromatic cream that goes on thin. You don’t need a lot. My favorite aspect of this cream is that is does not go on or leave your face oily. It has more of a butter consistency. 10/10 recommend for a fresh feeling face at the end of a long day or at the start of an off day.

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