Day In The Life

I've recently started mentoring a high school student who is thinking about pursuing a nursing career. In our first meeting she asked may great questions about schooling, pros & cons of the job, and overcoming challenges. I had answers for just about every one. However, then she asked me what my typical day looks like … Continue reading Day In The Life

PCCN Certification

As I pass the 2-year mark on my current unit, I am officially eligible to get my Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCCN) certification. I've never really had an interest in going back to school to get my NP or practice somewhere that isn't bedside. So getting certified feels like a way to continue growing and … Continue reading PCCN Certification

Nurse Friends Hanging Out

Nurse friends are a special breed. More than anything, we bond over shared experiences. The first being nursing school. It is a universal time of struggle and self discovery. Not only are you overwhelmed with completely new information, you also have to balance non-nursing curriculum, homework, attempt a social life, eating, sleeping, and maintain general … Continue reading Nurse Friends Hanging Out