Let’s Have a Potluck

Last Sunday was my birthday, and I spent it at work. I know many people schedule themselves around their birthday. However, given the pandemic times, I figured why not work. Thankfully I have wonderful coworkers who love a good potluck. Here are some of our favorite/most successful potluck themes:


  • Buy & bring or plan ahead: egg bakes, pre-made pancakes that you freeze & pop in the toaster to reheat, bagels & cream cheese, donuts, muffins, croissants, yogurt/berries/granola parfait fixings
  • Make on the unit: bring a griddle and fry eggs, pour pancake mix, pre-make french toast mix and a loaf of bread, sausage/bacon, oatmeal
  • Drinks: milk, juice, OJ & Sprite for fake mimosas, iced coffee
  • My go-to breakfast item: bagel variety pack with one sweet & one savory cream cheese!

Cereal & Coffee Bar

  • Everyone brings a different flavor/brand/box of cereal
  • Everyone brings a flavored creamer or better-than-the-hospital coffee grounds
  • My favorite cereal: Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Dip Day

  • Bring whatever you like, as long as it’s in dip form!
  • Bring something to dip (crackers, grahams, veggies, chips) or something to be dipped in (cheese dip, frosting/cookie dough dip, dill/ranch dip, salsa/queso, etc)
  • Favorite dips/spreads: store bought taco dip or Pumpkin Fluff Dip with

Taco Bar

  • Assign everyone a topping or a topping holder
  • Topping: meat (chicken/ground beef), lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, cilantro, onions, rice
  • Holder: hard shells, tortillas (corn/flour), tortilla chips (for nachos), small bags of Doritos (for walking tacos), tortilla bowls (for taco salads)

Order Out

  • Pick a restaurant, send out a page, take orders, and boom!
  • Low effort, everyone pitches in (thanks venmo), and tip the delivery guy well

No Theme

  • Let’s be honest, no theme to the potluck usually results in lots of store-bought cookies and cupcakes, maybe the occasional fruit tray
  • Not bashing in any way! You won’t find me turning down yummy treats 🙂

Other Tips

  • It is not lame to bring napkins, plates, cups, or silverware
  • Don’t forget to put away refrigerated goods/dishes when the traffic dies down
  • Spatulas and serving spoons help keep individuals out of the main dish
  • Pre cut brownies/bars/cakes/casseroles
  • Crock pots are your friend

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