The Ratio Difference

Last week we got our 2:1 IMC ratio back for Covid patients. And honestly? It's made a WORLD of difference. Of course it helped in all the obvious ways like 1 less round of med passes, 1 less assessment to do, and a whole lot less charting. But what it really did was give us … Continue reading The Ratio Difference

Good Nurse Bad Nurse

We've all had that patient. For one reason or another their motivation just isn't there. No urgency to participate in therapies. No desire to help with repositions. Some choose to be incontinent. So now what? How hard do you push? To the point of agitation? To the point of aggression? What battles do you choose? … Continue reading Good Nurse Bad Nurse

They’re Still Your Patient

It is no secret that Covid-19 will change the world of nursing forever. It has been a unique experience for patients being ruled out or positive for Covid in that it is more unknown than most diagnoses. Each patient has their own understanding of the situation, whether that is from watching the news, reading Facebook … Continue reading They’re Still Your Patient